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     When "on" Quiet Keys inserts
    acrylic felt between your piano's
    hammers and strings, volume is
    reduced nearly 80%
When Off ? Material remains above hammers allowing for
normal piano function.
Your Piano? Without impacting your piano's appearance,
Quiet Keys™ will work in your vertical acoustic piano.
Superior design will compliment the best instruments.
Piano Finish? Quiet Keys' on-off control mounts to the unfinished wood on the underside
of the piano's keys and its cable follows the piano's inside side panel. 
Your pianos finish and all visible surfaces are left untouched.
Vertical Piano?
Spinets, consoles, studio and uprights are all vertical pianos.
Grand pianos are not served at this time.  
Quiet Keys will install easily in all vertical pianos with one exception - the
"OverDamper" upright made in the UK prior to WWII.  Picture and info.
 Muffler rail? "Muffler rail", "curtain or practice mute" are names also
used for similar factory-installed mutes. Quiet Keys™
will give the muting option to all other vertical pianos.
 Tuning? When your piano needs tuning,
Quiet Keys™ can be instantly removed and replaced
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